According to the most recent survey released by AVMA , almost 57% of households in the US have a pet and Wyoming is tops on the list with 72%. On the list dogs have been the dominant pet's in the country and still on top with 38% having a dog, 25.4% having a cat and 2.8% having a bird.

With having a pet, comes great responsibilities. Making sure your pet is fed, taking care of vet visits, grooming and exercise can all get expensive. Think about having more than one pet...wowzers! They can be expensive, but well worth it.

In this survey they mentioned some pretty interesting stats. 85% of dog owners consider their pup to be part of the family, 15% of the pet dogs are 11 years or older. For Cats, 76% consider their cat family and 36% of the cats are considered overweight or obese. Among the overall pet having population 24.7% had various combinations of pet species. Out of the other 3/4, 37.9% had dogs, 20.4% only cats, 15.7% had both dogs and cats. Just looking at those numbers, pets play a major part of the lives of many.

If you've been to a dog park here in Wyoming, you know the breeds vary but some of the most important dogs are the working dogs. Working dogs are a big part of the dog population in the state and they fall under different classes. Herding, search and rescue, detection, police, therapy and service dogs.

In my family we always had a pet running around, Tippy & Sparky were our dogs and A-Star was our cat. I didn't enjoy the cat much, but the dogs were special. Most dog owners will tell you the exact same thing. They always seem to know when your hurting, they know when you're scared and they know when you need help...I mean, how many times did Lassie warn that Timmy was in trouble!

If you're fortunate enough to be a dog parent or have a dog working on your team, you will enjoy this video about the working dogs on Wyoming farms and ranches....

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