I have friends and relatives in California, Arizona, Texas and Florida who wonder why I choose to live in place that is so cold. First of all, I love 4 seasons and I love that the cold keeps some of the weaker of the species at bay. Most of them will not know fun of Wyoming in winter.

There is the quiet of being outside while the snow falls and the resultant crunch beneath your feet eventually. There is the spectacular white mantle on the Wyoming fields and mountains. Snow shooing, skiing, skating, snowboarding, snowmobiling and then doing a hot springs dip afterward.

I tried explaining once and found it fell on deaf ears. Many in Wyoming get it and that is enough.


Winter in Wyoming includes a community of warm and wonderful people coming together outside in winter, for the kind of fun that goes with a warm drink and warm comradery of great people. Karen Rodenbough was kind enough to share some of the snow sculptures in Alpine, Wyoming for the 4th Annual Alpine Winter Jubilee! 25 businesses contributed snow sculptures this year and after all the judging was done, the horse snow sculpture won!

Thank you Karen Rodenbough.

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