This month, hundreds of restaurants in the Mile High City will be serving up their tastiest dishes for Denver Restaurant Week.

The annual event, which runs from February 26 - March 6, will showcase many of the city's finest culinary creations. Each participating restaurant will offer patrons a variety of multi-course dinners for the fixed price of $30 per person.

Denver's Restaurant Week is one of several similar events held in cities all over the world. Which begs the question, could local businesses here in the Cowboy State benefit from 'Wyoming Restaurant Week'?

According to the website Trip Advisor, there are over 425 restaurants currently operating in Casper, Cheyenne and Laramie alone. In fact, Wyoming has 20 different cities that each have over 20 local restaurants.

Certainly, there's enough establishments to make Wyoming Restaurant Week work. But would the public support it?

The event would need to be well organized, effectively marketed and would require support from groups like the Wyoming Lodging and Restaurant Association.

Considering that there is roughly one restaurant for every 500 people in Wyoming, it could be a financial boon for many local businesses and another great way to promote tourism in the Cowboy State.

NOTE: Shortly after this article was published, we received an e-mail from Visit Cheyenne informing us that plans are in place for "Cheyenne Restaurant Week", which will be held April 3 - 9th. Check back for more information.