Valentine's Day is Thursday, February 14th and I am sure most men still have no idea what to get their significant other.  A zoo in the UK has a great idea, name a cockroach after her or him if the ladies still haven't gotten their man anything yet either.

The 'name a cockroach' program is set up at the Hemsley Conservation Centre in the UK, according to Insider.  The naming of the cockroach will only cost you $2.00 and all the money goes to help fund other projects around the zoo.  After giving the cockroach a name, you will be given a certificate as well.  On Valentine's Day, the 'roach board' will post a picture of all the cockroach names on Facebook.

This isn't the only zoo crawling into action with this promotion.  The Bronx Zoo in New York has the same cockroach naming program but their's cost $15.00.  The zoo in Boise, Idaho also will let you name a cockroach for $10.00.

Click here to name your cockroach today.  Could the Denver Zoo be next?

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