Remember when mom and dad would pile all the kids into the Rambler station wagon to go for some great grub? We all had our favorite restaurant back in the day.

Liz Chicos, originally from Casper, said her favorite place as a child was "Peach’s" in Casper, a little mom and pop hamburger joint that was “all the rage!”   Nick Pisciotto from Newcastle says he liked "The Old Mill," a family restaurant which was always packed!

Daniel Lucero, of Cheyenne, reminisced about a restaurant that was behind what is now Blue Federal Credit Union on Central, called "The Owl Inn." He said it was an “everyone place… a place for families, a place for a date night out, it was dressy, it was casual, it was for everyone!”
Terri Pohl’s favorite place to “grab some great grub” in Laramie was "Sally’s Steakhouse!"

My wife, originally from Colorado, ate and worked at "The Wayside Inn" in Berthoud, Colorado.  People from Wyoming, Nebraska, Denver and southern Colorado would make the drive there just to eat their famous fried chicken, along with their honey butter and homemade rolls, and apple pie for dessert!

Alf remembers “The Coffee Cup Café” on East Lincolnway and the lines out the door at Droski’s Sandwich Shop downtown Cheyenne. Don't forget "Shadows" at The Depot.

Maybe you remember “The Devil’s Kitchen,” Hell’s Half Acre, 40 miles west of Casper on the way to Shoshoni, Wyoming. Did you ever eat there or pick up a souvenir?

We’ve seen eateries come and go across Wyoming, but some live on in our memories.

What was your favorite Wyoming restaurant that’s no longer around? Leave word in the comments below.

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