Centennial Middle School out of Casper, Wyoming has a robotics team that has won states and is now on their way to the World Championships in Houston, Texas, April 17th through 22nd.

In December, Wyoming held a statewide tournament for middle school robotics teams.  The Centennial Middle School Lego Robotics Team took first place.  It is more than just building a robot, there are certain requirements that have to be met.

"There's robot design which they built. Then there's the robot game thats where they program the robot to go through and accomplish missions and tasks and they also have to come up with a real-world problem. This years theme was space. And then they're also judged on how well they work as a team." Dallen Griffith, the robotics coach told KCWY.

Going to the World Championship is a life-changing experience for these kids.

"It's just very exciting you get to meet so many other teams and they're just from different cultures around the world, and you get to understand how they take schooling down there." Said Kynlee Griffith, an 8th grader at Centennial.

They do need a little help trying to get to Houston though.  They are holding a fundraiser in Casper on Thursday.  If you can't make it, I am sure if you called the school or contacted the robotics team and wanted to make a monetary donation, they would probably be more than happy to accept. (307) 253-2900.

Good luck and bring home the World Championship to Wyoming!

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