Ever experience multiple seasons in just one trip? If you live in and/or have traveled through Wyoming, your answer is likely yes. A truck driver just dropped a video showing the snow storm and dust storm he experienced on the same trip.

As soon as I saw Steel Horse Travels video title, I laughed because I have lived this so many times. It says "what up Wyoming,both dust storm and white out conditions.😊😊😊 gotta love it."

There's no greater example of Wyoming being Wyoming than this.

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One of my first experiences in Wyoming included a warm and sunny morning and complete white-out conditions with snow at night. The next morning my neighbor was out shoveling his driveway out wearing Denver Nugget basketball shorts. A true Wyomingite.

As of this writing, the Wyoming Road Conditions website shows how weather varies so wildly across our state. Many parts of I-80 are closed due to wintery conditions. Other areas are dry as a bone.

At least this truck driver has maintained his sense of humor and understands how weather and roads work around here. If you're a road warrior veteran, it's hard not to laugh when Wyoming throws you multiple extreme conditions in the same day. Laughing is better than crying I suppose.

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