The town of Hulett, Wyo. has 409 full-time residents. Today, they'll have about 20,000. Every year on "Wyoming Wednesday", the folks in Hulett and nearby Sundance team up to throw a big biker bash.

In Sundance, the tradition dates back over four decades. The Dime Horseshoe Bar began hosting burnout competitions in the 1970s. The annual event has become a rite of passage for bikers on their way to Sturgis.

Over the year, the party kept getting bigger and eventually spread to Hullet. In 1978, Captian Ron's Rodeo Bar held their first Ham n' Jam Rally. On a typical Wyoming Wednesday, Captain Ron's will serve thousands of hungry and thirsty travelers.

Local law enforcement has cracked down on public drunkenness and nudity in recent years. Although the party is tamer than it used to be, Wyoming Wednesday is still the rowdiest cookout, blowout, and burnout in the Cowboy State.

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