When Thrillist.com ranks the states in any category, they describe Wyoming poetic. Do they have a crush on the Cowboy State? Now here it is again, even among the nation's most brutal winters.

We're at number 12, and whether or not Thrillist is the final judge, they have a knack for nailing it - even if they may characterize a bit. If criteria were based on stats from The National Weather Service, they would still have to pick something specific on which to base "brutal". It can't be just temps because we have dry air and plenty of sunshine. Of course, good they don't mention wind chill. Oh well, as a Wyomingite, you just have to read this.

12. WYOMING ... "A case could be made for Wyoming to be higher up the list, but even when it’s dumping buckets of snow, The Grand Tetons are just so damn pretty you can’t possibly be miserable. Plus those chinook winds also tamper down the bitterest of cold. It’s basically like the handsome middle child of the West: not quite as fierce as its big old brother Montana, and related to the Dakotas."

See what I mean by poetic. They even used the word "Pretty." Yep, it's a crush.

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