Here in Wyoming, our ladies know how to Cowgirl Up. They're great mothers, teachers, mentors, businesswomen...and if you hand them a rifle, some of them can take down an elk from 200 yards away.

Take, for example, Angie Denny of Cheyenne. She and her husband Scott own Table Mountain Outfitters, a guide service for hunters in Wyoming, Nebraska and Idaho.

When she's not running the family business, or helping raise two children, Angie is on the hunt for pronghorn antelope, deer, elk, cougars and bears.

She was recently featured in the national publication Field and Stream as one of the most "Bad Ass Female Hunters."

Angie and her husband Scott also host the popular television series The Life at Table Mountain which airs weekly on the Sportsman Channel. In 2010, they won an award for the 'Best Big Game Hunting Clip.'

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