If you or your friends are traveling to Wyoming for the eclipse and still don't have your plane tickets, be prepared to shell out some cash.

The most expensive time to fly round trip is, in most cases, arriving Friday and departing Tuesday the 22nd. That trip from Denver to Casper is $1,730. If you fly from Salt Lake City to Casper, that trip will set you back $1,260. In fact, as far as the Friday thru Tuesday time frame is concerned, that Denver to Casper route is the cheapest you'll find right now. 

Jackson has seats available on a non-stop Salt Lake flight for just over $2,100. Denver to Jackson is a bit better, at just over $1,500.

The only other commercial airport in the eclipse path is Riverton Regional Airport, which only flies to Denver, and currently all flights during the eclipse are sold out.

A record number of aircrafts are expected at all three airports this weekend. Casper expects around 200 planes. Jackson's airport has been at 100% capacity for several weeks and is not accepting any new private planes. Riverton is still allowing private planes to arrive, but according to a spokesperson several dozen are expected.


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