Brandt Tobler is Wyoming's undisputed King of Comedy. Named 'Best Undiscovered Comedian from Wyoming' by the Vail Daily in 2019, Tobler's sharp wit and relatable jokes - featured on Comedy Central and the award-winning podcast 'The 31' - have audiences rolling across the country. And now, he's coming to Laramie!

Brandt Tobler Takes Over Laramie's Gryphon Theatre 

Tobler brings his unique brand of sarcasm and well-timed punches to Laramie on Friday, November 17. He's taking over the stage at the historic Gryphon Theatre as the headliner for the Local Comedy Showcase alongside local Laramie comedians Aaron King and Caroline Harkin.

The show starts at 7 p.m. Note: This is a stand-up comedy, folks. Much of Brandt's content is PG-13 (by my standards, at least.) Unless you want your kids to learn how to craft epic burns and mic-dropping jokes, consider getting yourself a sitter. Make this a date night - one full of side-splitting laughter.

Ticket Info:

Tickets are on sale now at Coal Creek Tap and the Ruffed Up Duck Saloon for $15 during the presale. Tickets go up to $25 at the door.

About Brandt Tobler

Brandt Tobler is a Wyomingite, born and raised! Tobler grew up an hour from Laramie on the streets of Cheyenne. He's a Central High School graduate - and proud of it! In addition to being featured on Comedy Central's 'This is Not Happening' show, Tobler has been featured in a Dorito's Superbowl Commercial, published a memoir entitled 'Free Roll,' and now hosts the award-winning podcast 'The 31,' which poses unconventional questions to celebrities and comedians for an hour of frank, and more often than not, outright hilarious, conversation.

PG-13 Content Ahead...

Here's a sample of Tobler's Comedy Central Performance:

Visit Brandt Tobler's website here to find out more about his comedy. Or, check out his Facebook page for upcoming shows and snippets of hishumory.

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