If you're a bear near Jackson and you have time on your hands (paws?), what to do? If you're world-famous Grizzly 399 and cubs, you swing by the police department to say hi which is exactly what happened this week.

According to the video description, this began as a Facebook share by the Jackson Police Department. It's security camera footage from several different angles showing Grizzly 399 and cubs going past several downtown Jackson locations including the police station. According to the time stamp on the security cam video, this happened late Tuesday night of this week.

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Buckrail is reporting that this close encounter of the bear kind led to Grizzly 399 and cubs being led out of the city. Even CBS News covered this late night visit by the bears.

WyoFile shared news of Grizzly 399 and cubs being 'hazed' by wildlife officials after they came way too close to humans on numerous occasions. They shared a Nest security cam video of her bear family near a home.

Hopefully Grizzly 399 and her young ones (who are actually getting quite large now) can get back to the wild and doing bear things instead of having late night snack searches in the city.

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