Why do male bison butt heads? That was a question a driver seemed to ask based on a just-shared video out of Yellowstone National Park.

This video likely deserves a disclaimer. I'll explain in a little bit. The answer to the question on why male bison butt heads is it's one of the ways to determine which gets mating rights with a nearby female as the National Wildlife Federation points out. I'm not sure that's exactly what's happening here though.

There two problems with this being an actual fight for a lady. 1. Bison breeding season is in summer. This just in. It's not summer anymore as the nearby snow proves. 2. This is more of a playful sparring match and not a real "battle". This is what a bison battle looks like.

If I had to guess, the two male bison are just flexing their macho demeanors a bit and not really throwing down for mating dominance. It's just the wildlife in Yellowstone National Park being...wild.

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