This majestic animal didn't want there to be any doubt who's in charge. A bull elk in Yellowstone National Park recently laid down, stopped traffic and let everyone know he's still the king.

A recent visitor to Yellowstone shared this short but sweet description of bull elk being bull elk:

Shot at Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park. The ranger soundtrack is great.

That about sums it up and they're correct. The ranger trying to convince a guy in a RV to move along is entertaining. NOTE: make sure your sound is turned way up so you can hear this big guy's bugle. It's a show-stopper.

The comments on YouTube seemed to focus on what the bull elk did near the end:

sarabpreet kaur - "Romeo Elk: Juliettt, you can't resist me now
sprays himself in *elk de Cologne*.

2ndAmendment - "The urine acts as a "Cologne" for the bull elk to attract cow elk."

Canadian Man - "He is peeing on himself.That's a messed up way to attract a mate..."

Sorry YouTube comment people, but it's true that this is how bull elk attract potential partners as Visit Estes Park shares. They would know as rutting season turns Estes Park into a veritable elk party palace.

The fact that the person who shared the video described this guy as a big deer just makes it all the more humorous.

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