Rumors and lies seem to make it around the world while the truth is still getting out of bed.

Now, here we go again. Over the last few weeks the misinformation from Civic Tribune has gained traction on social media and some mainstream media as well, claiming "Yellowstone Evacuated: Experts Claim 'Super Volcano' Could Erupt In Weeks,"

The USGS recently addressed these lies saying "geological activity, including earthquakes and ground uplift/subsidence is well within historical norms and seismicity is actually a bit low at present. The park has not been evacuated. No volcanologists have stated that Yellowstone is likely to erupt this week, this month or this year." Yet the misinformation is still making the rounds.

Need proof? You can watch the Old Faithful Webcam to keep an eye on conditions if you so desire.

Recently, it was determined that the caldera of magma is not the previously believed 20km, but is now estimated to be 90km long. If or when it blows, it would certainly be devastating to Wyoming, surrounding states and even have the effects felt around the world.

While no one can predict with any certainty when a volcano will erupt, do you think Yellowstone will erupt


In the next year

In our lifetime

When we are dead and gone

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