Yellowstone National Park has the most beautiful scenery in the world, and there are your kids, with their noses stuck in their cell phones and tablets. Some say that’s a shame and intrusive on other visitors looking to unplug from the digital world while others say it lets millennials share the beauty and wonder with thousands of others on social media.

PEER is concerned about the proliferation of cell towers in national parks, saying . “Yellowstone now aspires to be an amusement park where communing with nature requires a dead zone.” and “Yellowstone officials decided that ‘visitor expectations’ trump resource protection, in essence, placing park values of solitude, natural sound and landscapes up for a vote.”

KGWN reports that more than 4 million people visited the park in 2016, contributing some $680 Million to our state economy. To accommodate the growing numbers, sharing data, pictures and videos on your smartphone may improve soon because the park is considering a new tower to expand coverage in the Canyon Lodge area where the current capacity is inadequate. Other than that, they are not seeking to expand the more than 50 percent coverage the park already has.

The National Park Service is currently considering the proposal and is asking for your opinion on the currently planned upgrade.

So where do you weigh in? Give into digital demands or keep the great outdoors unplugged?

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