Isn't it fascinating how many of our childhood memories include TV shows?

From laying on the couch and watching "The Golden Girls" on days when you were too sick to go to school to hanging out with Zach Morris and Kelly and the rest of the crew of "Saved By The Bell" we all have TV shows that take us right back to a certain time in our lives.

So, it's no surprise to me that there has been such a HUGE reaction to the news that "Little House on the Prairie" TV Series is getting a reboot.

The reboot is thanks to Paramount TV (the same network that brought you "Yellowstone" and "Big Sky") and it's definitely going to be amazing.

According to an article in Entertainment Weekly "Paramount TV Studios and Anonymous Content is developing a one-hour dramatic series adaptation of the beloved franchise."

While there haven't been any names dropped for casting I bet you have more than a few ideas about who you'd like to see play Ma and Pa and Laura.

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The article in Entertainment Weekly also said that at least one former cast member was willing to make a cameo appearance in the reboot, the actress who plays the girl we all loved to hate...Nellie...

If all this talk about "Little House on the Prairie" has you feeling nostalgic you can get your fix watching the clip below, or catch the first season on Amazon Prime.


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