The Cheyenne Fire&Rescue Department on Friday presented it's first-ever Citizen's Medal to a Cheyenne woman who performed CPR on a heart attack victim.

According to department spokesman Bob Mason, Gina Flynn was at work at the Indian Hills Shopping Center on the morning of May 29 when a woman entered the store asking if anyone knew CPR. Flynn, who has been trained in CPR sprang into action on a man who was suffering from cardiac arrest. "It happened so fast I don't even remember if I was nervous" she recalls "but fortunately the Good Lord helped me through it".

By the time emergency responders arrived on the scene the man had a pulse, and Mason says the event inspired the department to begin awarding medals to people who selflessly react to help others in dangerous situations.

Mason also says the chapter should remind people of the need to be trained in CPR and to be able to use it in stressful situations.