Steve Cooper, Teri Landreth & Eric Villegas.

While everybody loves to eat, not that many people know how to cook, or know the fun you can have while you're cooking. That can change tonight, at The Taste Of Home Cooking School at The Cheyenne Civic Center. Eric Villegas (right) went to a prestigious and snooty French institute, endured all of the attitude and derision, and came out with some mad skills that he will share with you tonight.

Just $12 at the door (open at 4, program at 7), you'll get a goody bag worth over $60, along with other freebies and knowledge that is invaluable.

Eat better, more economically, and learn to have fun in the kitchen. Your friends and family will love you even more! Making new friends is a perfect example of just how valuable this skill can be. Men & women will love a date that includes a home cooked meal, that is absolutely wonderful, and not out of a box.

See you tonight, Tuesday, October 29th, at The Civic Center!