Gabrielle Balkan has a wonderful 112-page book that explores the U.S.A. and 2,000 facts that celebrate our people, culture, and diversity in “50 Cities of the USA.” One of the featured cities is the Cowboy State’s capital.

It's called a children’s book, but geography geeks of any age might enjoy it.

How many of these facts did even Cheyenne residents, themselves, know?

  • The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens includes a walkable, meditative labyrinth, and “finger labyrinths” designed for the blind and non-walkers. 
  • The Greater Cheyenne Greenway connects parks for 37-miles of biking and has earned Cheyenne the name “Trail Town U.S.A”. 
  • The Paul Smith Children's Village includes a Secret Garden and a color-coded geodesic dome full of hexagons and pentagons. 
  • Cheyenne's high elevation makes it one of the U.S.'s windiest cities and a great producer of sustainable energy. 

Okay, that last one about wind everyone in Wyoming knew. Get highlights of 49 other All American places here. By the way, we also like Gabrielle for mentioning this:

Sing Chris LeDoux’s “Song of Wyoming:” this singer-songwriter was also a professional rodeo cowboy. (Got THAT right! YES HE WAS!)