Because anything can be made sexy around Halloween time, right?

It's just about time to suit up, Cheyenne! The big day is rapidly approaching. Or maybe you have already taken your costume out for a spin or a "dry run." I have a cousin who has already attended one spooky, Halloween-themed party. I can't say I hate it. Halloween costumes are expensive, so get all the use out of yours as you can.

Which begs the question... what's your costume this year?

If you're like me, you'll spend all of October saying "Oh that would be good" without making any actual purchases. Then you'll find yourself the week of (or morning of) fighting a mom with six kids for the last pair of mouse ears to throw on your head so you can pretend like you just had them lying around the house.


Gosh, isn't Halloween fun?

Although I haven't learned for my past mistakes, I have learned that Halloween is the time for sexy costumes. And these days it seems like just about anything can be sexy. This year, I've already heard about sexy Bernie Sanders, sexy vaccines, and sexy billionaire space travelers.

So what sexy costume do you think we'll see in Wyoming?

According to @mattsurelee on Instagram, it could be a "Sexy Awful Tourist Who Gets Gored By an Elk."

This one is verrrry specific.

Of course we do have tourons in Wyoming. And yes, they sometimes get attacked by animals when they don't follow the rules of nature. So I guess you just throw on a flower shirt, wear a giant camera around your neck and give yourself a battle wound. Then... make it sexy.


You'll have to figure that out. Maybe just cut your shorts a little shorter or show more of your chest. Perhaps you can spritz yourself with water so it's looks like you're sweaty.

I'm not good at this.

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