Out of all the celebrities that have made Wyoming their home, I'd have to say, Nikki Sixx is easily my favorite. He's also, probably the least annoying. The guy just really loves living in Wyoming. He's also not one of those just holding up in Jackson and pretending he's in Wyoming. The dude is a rancher...well, kind of, anyway. He's trying real hard at least.

One of my favorite things about him being in Wyoming is he shares the wealth. Not in money, but in pictures and videos of wildlife. You can get trapped watching video after video of him just living his life in the wild. It's pretty cool for an absolute rocker.

While we're accustomed to his nature videos, the classic rocker just released a book titled "The First 21". Apparently, while he was out in Los Angelos promoting his new piece of literature, his home has been invaded by MOOSE! Ok, maybe that's a stretch. It looks more like they're just hanging out peacefully on his property and doing moose things.

They're so majestic looking, and almost animatronic, honestly. They just look like they're slowly moseying their way through the rock stars' property. It took me a while to realize that it was a person taking the video that closely. I figured it was a drone, but then the car kind of tipped me off that someone was that close to a moose!

Ok, Nikki, you keep posting wildlife videos and pics, and I'll keep watching.


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