Each state is known for at least one iconic food, but when you think 'Wyoming' what food comes to mind?

Originally I thought Bison or Elk steak or burgers.  But the more I thought about it, I couldn't really come up with one signature dish that you find on just about every restaurant menu across the state.

The food website popsugar.com put together a list of all 50 states and listed their most iconic foods.  For instance, Pennsylvania is known for the world famous Philly Cheese steaks.  While New York is best known for Buffalo Wings and Nevada is know for some of the best buffets in the world.

On the lesser known side, they say that Nebraska is best known for their Omaha Steaks (yes, we laughed too!), while New Hampshire is known for Maple Syrup on Snow - this we have to try.

While right here in Wyoming they have the cowboy state's iconic food listed as Rocky Mountain Oysters, also know as Bull Fries or Calf Fries.  As a fan of this tasty dish, I must say that it is a dish that appears on quite a few menu's across the state and has many fans locally.  But I'd also venture to guess there are as many folks who would think this is a less than appetizing dish and have never nor will they ever venture to try it during their lifetime.

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