How would you like to take a trip to Alaska without leaving Cheyenne?

You can tonight at the Wyoming State Museum at 7 when author and ultra long distance backpacker Andrew Skurka presents 'Circling Alaska and Yukon: A 4,700 mile 6-month journey by foot, skis and packraft through Big Wilderness.'Skurka's slideshow is part of the Wyoming State Museum's Lecture Series sponsored by Wyoming State Parks, Historic Sites and Trails. The adventure seeker's story was featured in the March 2011 edition of National Geographic magazine.

As the title suggests, Skurka will present his most powerful stories and entertaining moments traveling through the wildernesses of Alaska and Canada, complemented by stunning photos and emotional videos. He also will reflect on the broader significance of this experience and of his other adventures focusing on setting goals, stepping outside comfort zones and seizing life’s opportunities.

The lecture and slideshow is free in the multi-purpose room and starts at 7 p.m., December 13, at the Wyoming State Museum in the Barrett Building, 2301 Central Avenue, in downtown Cheyenne.