Highway 59, between Douglas and Wright Wyoming, is the town of Bill. If you are thinking, but there is literally nothing there, you are 98% correct.

Originally the town was just one small store, a post office, and a tiny one room school house. But when the last coal boom happened the train lines decided to use Bill as a place to switch cars. That prompted the construction of a nice hotel with a restaurant attached. The population of Bill exploded to 11 people.

Going from 4 to 11, that is quite an explosion, the New York Times wrote an article on the tiny little dot on the prairie. 

Years later and traffic through Bill is active again as the Bureau of Land Management is opening up the areas near Bill for fracking, to get at all that oil and gas trapped underground. So, the New York Time was prompted to mention the tiny dot, that is not on most maps, once again.

As I spoke about this on air I got a surprise call from a resident of Bill Wyoming. As with the other 10 people in town, he was a delight to talk to. We spoke of many things involving the town and it made me realize that, as ratings go, KGAB has a 90% share of the listeners of one Wyoming town. That's impressive.

I wonder if anyone in New York City has read the two NYT articles and thought to plan a little vacation out to Bill to see what all the fuss is about. They do have a new hotel, after all.

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