Well, if the last two weeks didn't do it for you, here comes week number three! Oktoberfest has been well celebrated in Cheyenne and we're not done yet and two more Cheyenne breweries are getting ready to celebrate Oktoberfest, and they're like two blocks from each other, so it's certain to be off the schnitzel.

Both Accomplice Beer Company and Freedom's Edge Brewing Company will be hitting the German vibes hard this Saturday with dual Oktoberfest celebrations. This is the moment we all miss the open container law since both breweries are so close to each other. You'll want to be able to travel from one to the other while taking a road beer. Some day, our dream will come true.

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Until then, you'll have to split your time properly.

Oktoberfest At Accomplice

There are a ton of details for this one, other than they'll have their famed Oktoberfest brew on tap. The guarantee to get schnitzel faced seems like an intriguing offer, though. Who am I kidding, I'll be sitting at the bar, eating whatever specials they have and watching college football. There could be a guy in a lederhosen yodeling over me at the bar and I would just shrug it off.

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Oktoberfestathon At Freedom's Edge Brewing Company

First off, great name. Secondly, ain't no party like a Freedom's Edge party. We all know that they throw the best in town, so this isn't a soiree to miss. I mean, just check out this list of events.

Noon - Pretzel Roll (Bike Ride)
130PM - Costume Contest
2PM - Beers & Cheers Mile (run/walk)
3PM - Big Brat Bruiser Eating Competition
4pm - Mein Stein Holding Contest

They're working on making this a family-friendly event, so it looks like they have tons of events for the whole family, outside of their festbier (I'm super excited to have that again this year).

Well, your Saturday is set. You're welcome.


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