Are we surprised that the Cowboy state puts on some of the best rodeos? It's in our DNA.

Growing up in California, I didn't have the most experience with rodeos, but I did love going to them any time we did. This is where you see true grit displayed. These cowboys have skills that aren't readily found across the nation or the world, for that matter.

Wyoming definitely holds their own when it comes to rodeo.

To compile their list of the best rodeos in the nation, Thrillist consulted the experts, professional cowboys. They had rave reviews for both Cheyenne and Cody. Each city's even was recognized for something unique they bring to the table.

Cheyenne Frontier Days

It's not called the "Daddy of 'em All" for nothing, but what many cowboys love about this event is the history. In fact, CFD is the "best place to soak up history." It's been going on since 1897 after all and is certainly one of the most respected events on the circuit. Thrillist also pointed out that many cowboys will linger in Cheyenne to enjoy the city.

Cody Stampede

One cowboy said that winning the Cody Stampede actually made them feel like they belong, but this rodeo is herladed for being "within roping distance of a national park." It is just an hour away from Yellowstone National Park which is a nice break from the circuit for competitors. However, it's also an efficient stop for riders with 'the highest one-run payouts."

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