If you've ever been the recipient of a charitable donation, received help from a member of the community, or have had someone sit down, listen and simply offer a few kind words of wisdom or support.... you understand. You know the overwhelming feeling of gratitude that washes over you when you realize you aren't alone.

Perhaps you've been on the other end: willing to help and offer whatever you can to ensure others in the community have a little extra. You know what it means to give to others. You know that feeling of giving back, doing good, and spreading the wealth. Cheyenne's annual Day of Giving started because someone was overwhelmed with gratitude.

Greta Morrow, a member of the Day of Giving Board of Trustees, was a long-time school teacher in Cheyenne when she got sick and needed a bone marrow transplant.

Friends, family and strangers who heard Greta's story brought food and supplies, collected Get Well cards, dropped off donations, and ran errands for her. The outpouring of support--in so many different forms--made her realize that perhaps others could benefit from this charitable love.

And in 2006, with the help of like-minded volunteers, the Cheyenne Day of Giving was born.

There are a number of ways you can get involved, either by encouraging youth to donate to the Youth Event on May 7; bringing items to the Day of Giving on May 8; or by making a cash contribution to the Day of Giving.  

Want to speak to someone from the station? We'll be on-site at the Kiwanis Club all day on May 8. For more information, contact the Townsquare Media offices at 307.632.4400.

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