I love everything the Cheyenne Little Theater is doing right now, they've done a number of great shows in the past few months and you need to get ready for their Christmas themed show that is hitting the Atlas Theater this week with "The Charitable Sisterhood Christmas Spectacular".

This show is going to kickoff this Friday, December 4th and run through December 20th. You can even get dinner and a show with Dinner Theater options. It's also a great way to help out a non profit, because Cheyenne Little Theater has a whole bunch of people working very hard to put on shows to entertain us. Are you guilted into at least donating yet? I hope so.

This show looks very tongue and cheek and I can't wait to check it out.

This looks like a fun show for the holiday.
Here's a behind the scenes look.

Tickets are on sale now. Hurry up and book them, or you'll miss out, like I almost missed out on the Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast, I got one of the last tickets to that bad boy. Tickets for this show are just $22, but there are Seniors, Military, Student and Children's discounts available. You can find out more about the Cheyenne Little Theater here and get your tickets by calling their box office at 307-638-6543. I promise there will be a super nice person on the other end of the line to set you up to get into the Holiday Spirit.

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