If there's one thing we've learned about Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr, it's that she doesn't back down from a fight, especially on Twitter. Grab your popcorn and let's get ready to rumble, here's a look back at Mayor Orr's five most memorable social media feuds.

5. Linda Heath  - When Laramie County Commissioner Linda Heath got two parking tickets, she protested by paying her fine with nickels and dimes. Mayor Orr didn't appreciate the gesture and called the Commissioner out for disrespecting city employees.

4. P.E.T.A. - Mayor Orr and the People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals have sparred a few times. In 2018, PETA sent a letter offering to provide vegan chickens for Cheyenne's annual Chicken Curling Tournament. Mayor Orr called a foul and later quarreled with the group over the Garden Brothers Circus and Cheyenne Frontier Days.

3. Good Old Boys at UW - When the University of Wyoming ousted President Laurie Nichols, Mayor Orr tweeted that the decision "smelled like good old boy politics" and called for the Board of Trustees to reimburse the University for travel expenses from a recent trip to Arizona.

2. Tornado Sirens - When emergency warning sirens were sounded last summer after a tornado was seen in rural Laramie County, Mayor Orr took to Twitter, questioning the decision and suggesting that the warning was "unacceptable and wrongly panicked our community."

1. Governor Mark Gordon - When the Governor allegedly slammed his fists on a table and cursed at her in a meeting, Mayor Orr denounced his behavior online, saying she felt physically threatened by the Governor's actions. After Gordon responded by saying he was "deeply offended" by her characterization, Orr insisted that she "won't back down" in the dispute.

Mayor Orr is under fire again this week for a comment posted on a Facebook group page designated for Cheyenne area garage sales. Responding to criticism of Saturday's Cheyenne Superday event, she posted that "complainers can kick rocks.''

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