Tusker Bar has been a popular Cheyenne watering hole for decades. Now they own the title of the best theme bar in the Cowboy State.

Supercall recently ranked the most eye-catching cocktail lounges in every state. Their pick for Wyoming's wildest theme was "Tipsy", the iconic elephant who has guarded the Tusker Bar for generations.


Tipsy is one of several mascots for DT's Liquors, who own Tusker and DT's Sports Bar on Lincolnway. According to folklore, people suffering from DT's, or Delirium Tremens, often experience hallucinations, causing them to see "pink elephants". Thus, the legend was born.

Many of their loyal customers have been getting tipsy with Tipsy for years. They'll tell you Tusker is not a theme bar, it's a neighborhood bar. Nothing fancy, just a friendly place where the staff and the regulars treat you like family.




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