If you're from a major city, Cheyenne traffic is just fine. If you're from a small town, it can seem like a zoo!

Here's the top 5 worst kind of drivers that live in Cheyenne!

  1. The speeding in a school zone driver - Not only are you bound to get a hefty ticket, you're putting children in danger. I know it's tough to drop to 20 MPH (or lower) but it's for the kids!
  2. The distracted driver - Driving down Dell Range this weekend, I saw THREE people (in the same trip) texting and driving. And this also goes for eating, doing make-up, changing the radio, etc.
  3. The Red-Light Runner - We have an epidemic in Cheyenne. People run red lights like it's common.
  4. The Ride Your Tail Driver - We've all had someone who refuses to get off our tail. Like somehow, being 4 inches from your bumper is going to get them to their destination faster. Traffic is traffic, you'll all get there about the same time.
  5. The Non-Blinker User - Show a little respect to everyone else on the road, and flip that blinker on when you're making a move. Sometimes you don't see how many people are relying on it!

Now that I've vented, what's the worst type of Cheyenne driver in your opinion? Hit us up on Facebook and vent!