This city is not only great to live in, it's also a lot of fun to visit.

Which would you rather live in? A big city or a small rural town? I'm someone who has experienced both extremes. I grew up in a tiny little town and graduated with 48 classmates, many of whom I started Kindergarten with. However, I also spent some time living in New York City in Brooklyn. I can honestly say that I love both and each fills my happiness tank.

Let's talk big cities for a minute.

According to a recent census, although urban areas only account for three percent of the nation, they contain about 80 percent of the population. With so many of us living in those big cities, the question of which cities are the best to live in arises. Wallet Hub recently answered this question with their list of 2018's Best Big Cities to Live In.

Colorado Springs garnered a top 10 spot.

The financial site took into account factors like quality of public schools, life expectancy, job opportunities, property taxes and more. Colorado Springs came in at number nine on the list overall, and also ranked number two specifically in the category of "affordability." Unfortunately, Wyoming didn't have any cities on the list, but Denver and Aurora made the list at numbers 12 and 22 respectively.

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