What a great day for fun and getting to be a(somewhat) normal community yesterday with Cheyenne Day. There was an awesome street party and you could shop from different shops downtown with incentives.  But the incentive, or Pokemon like scavenger hunt that was really going on, were the different colored cups you could get from the different watering holes across Cheyenne. 


Pink Cups

Are you kidding me?  I can get a different colored cup from a ton of different places with the event on it? I mean, I get it, it’s the little things in life that can make us happy sometimes, but man, that’s just cool. I also know that technically you were supposed to use the same cup throughout...probably. But, if you do that, then you wont have late night, super thirsty water cups to rip out of your cabinet and quench your thirst that supports Cheyenne Day, which, really, is the main point.  They're also great conversational pieces that you could share for years to come about the one time we didn't get CFD. 

I hope you were able to stock up on these cool cups(also hope you didn't miss out) and kudos to all the businesses that wanted a little normalcy for the most epic week of the year for Wyomingites.   

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