In 1888, two years before Wyoming officially became a state, Crook County Representative Tom Hooper famously told the Territorial Legislature, "Show me the man who will not gamble in some way and I will show you an imbecile."

Indeed, gambling has been a popular past time here in the Cowboy State ever since the railroad arrived nearly 150 years ago.

According to the recently released Wallet Hub study "2016's Most Gambling Addicted States", it still is.

Their findings, based on a variety of factors including the number of casinos, gaming machines, lottery sales, fantasy sports participants, sports betting, and gambling related arrests, rank Wyoming as the 15th most gambling addicted state in America.

The Cowboy State also ranked 16th nationwide for its "gambling friendliness" and 18th for "gambling problems and treatment" rates.

Nevada was ranked as the most gambling addicted state, followed by South Dakota, Mississippi, Montana and Oklahoma.

Utah ranked as the least gambling addicted state. Nebraska, Alabama, Arizona and Kansas rounded out the bottom five.


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