I must admit I'm not a big fan of "When animals attack" kind of videos, but this pursuit of a buffalo and her calf by wolves is downright amazing.

This was captured by the BBC Earth film crew. I can't pinpoint exactly where this encounter occurred, but it appears to be somewhere in the Canadian wilderness based on this YouTube description:

Storm is an extraordinary wolf - the head of a pack in Canada's frozen north that hunts the giant buffalo herds. This pack came to fame in Frozen Planet, and now cameraman Jeff Turner spends a year with Storm and his wolf family, learning how they survive in this harsh wilderness and whether Storm can pass his hunting skills on to the new generation of wolf cubs.

The video begins with a group of wolves cornering several buffalo with calves. It's incredible to watch the wolves isolate one mother and calf. The teamwork of that pack is lethal. But, the real hero of this nature encounter is the buffalo mother. Even when she and her calf are being attacked from all sides by the wolves, she continues to make herself a barrier between the wolves and the calf.

No, you will not see carnage in this video. Thanks in part to being able to navigate out of the wolves line of sight in the trees, the buffalo and her calf do escape.

Yet another amazing glimpse of nature playing itself out in front of our eyes thanks to modern video technology.

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