A man arrested for drunk driving was certainly dressed for the occasion.

Check out the T-shirt Nathan Corey was wearing when he was arrested for DUI last Saturday night.

Nathan Corey
Connecticut State Police

"Beer + Beer = Shenanigans" is the type of shirt you wear when you're in college and looking to get some laughs. It's not the type of shirt you expect to be wearing when you're an adult in a mug shot.

Police pulled over the 38-year-old Stirling, Conn. man after spotting him driving on the sidewalk. He failed a sobriety test and cops found marijuana, various drug paraphernalia and a foot-long machete in the car. You know, if you're cruising around town with a machete, maybe "shenanigans" isn't the end game. Perhaps "decapitation" is.

Whatever Corey had in mind for the night, one thing is clear: he really needs to rethink his wardrobe.

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