Casper, Wyoming, may share its name with a friendly ghost, but some of the ghosts in the Oil City aren't very friendly at all.

Perhaps the friendliest ghost in town is old Mr. Cobb. He was the President of the Casper Elks Lodge, which was built in 1922. For decades, he has been seen and heard smoking cigars in the basement and playing music in the ballroom.

Before it became the county courthouse, the Townsend Justice Center was the fanciest hotel in Casper. Recent renovations may have driven out most of the ghosts, but some folks still hear voices up on the fifth floor and have noticed the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

Although it was remodeled, rebranded, and reopened earlier this year, the "World Famous" Wonder Bar may still be the most haunted watering hole in Wyoming. Over the years, many ghosts have bellied up to the bar, including a cowboy accompanied by a woman in a white dress.

Back in the 1920s, the Flour Bin Bakery was a speakeasy and bordello. The kitchen is reportedly haunted by a spirit who bangs pots and pans, moves cooking utensils and turns on the oven. Legend has it, one former employee even quit after a disturbing encounter with the hungry ghost.

Another cranky senior citizen might be Casper's meanest ghost. Mrs. White and her husband built the Ivy House Inn in 1916. According to the former owners, she wasn't a fan of their renovation efforts and would often attempt to sabotage projects. The historic building is now a safe haven for victims of domestic abuse and, hopefully, Mrs. White and her two Siamese cats are in a better mood.


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