There are dozens of haunted places here in Wyoming. We want to know who you think is the most frightening ghost in the entire state.

Here's our list of the 10 most terrifying contenders, in no particular order:

The Ghost Girl at the Occidental Hotel in Buffalo - Legend has it, this former bordello is haunted by the daughter of a prostitute who died on the top floor. Her ghost has long dark hair, wears a white dress and has been known to move furniture, make strange noises and even tap guests on the shoulder.

Gus Quarters at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne - In the late 1800s, a man named Gus was living in the barracks at Quarters 80. According to local lore, an officer returned from maneuvers one day, only to find his wife in bed with Gus. Gus tried to escape by jumping out of a second-story window. Sadly, Gus accidentally hung himself on a clothesline as he fell.

For over a century, soldiers in the barracks have reported Gus’ ghost attempting to open cabinets and moving objects around the living quarters, leading some to believe that Gus is still searching for his pants.

The Heart Mountain Shadow People - This World War II Japanese internment camp is now a hotbed for paranormal activity. During the daytime, witnesses have reported a friendly spirit guiding them around the area. At night, the so-called Shadow People come out to keep a close eye on visitors.

The Man in the Bell Tower at St. Mark's in Cheyenne - This historic church is allegedly haunted by a man who fell to his death in the bell tower. After construction was completed, church members have reported hearing voices and banging sounds coming from inside of the tower.

The Blue Lady at Kane Cemetary - Kane is an old ghost town just outside of Lovell. Most of the town is now covered by the Yellowtail Reservoir. However, when water levels are low, the old Kane cemetery can still be seen. It is reportedly haunted by a Blue Lady. Legend has it, her children were drowned by her abusive husband and she is frequently seen searching for them.

Wyoming Supreme Court Judge Fred Blume - Justice Blume spent over 40 years presiding over the state Supreme Court and Law Library. Following his death in 1971, books have mysteriously been thrown off the shelves in his old office. Workers and visitors reportedly hear footsteps at night and the smell of Blume's signature cigar wafting down the hall.

Rosie at the Historic Plains Hotel in Cheyenne - Shortly after this historic hotel opened in 1911, two newlyweds visited the Plains on their honeymoon. After finding her husband in bed with a prostitute, Rosie shot and killed them both before turning the gun on herself. Over the years, guests have reported seeing her roaming the halls in a blue gown.

The Ghost of Room 35 at the Irma Hotel in Cody - Buffalo Bill Cody named this hotel after his daughter, Irma. Her ghost has been in Room 16. But the most popular ghost story involves the spirit of a former confederate civil war officer, who is said to haunt Room 35.

Edith and Josephine at the Higgins Hotel in Glenrock - Two ghosts reportedly haunt this historic hotel. Edith, the former chambermaid, has been known to tuck guests in their beds at night. Then there's Josephine, the deceased wife of a former owner, who is sometimes seen in the dining room.

Mrs. White and her cats at the Ivy House Inn in Casper - Built in 1916, Mrs. White lived here until she died in 1995 at the age of 93. When new owners tried to renovate the old house, she wasn't very happy. During the renovations, her ghost would reportedly move and unplug tools, with some help from her two cats, who have also been seen in the house with her.

Now that you've read about our ten most terrifying contenders, it's your turn. Take our poll and tell us which Wyoming ghost story is your favorite?





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