There are hundreds of haunted places in Wyoming. Most of them are scary, but this ghost story is a love story.

In 1987, the ghost of an elderly man in a cowboy hat appeared at the Fort Bridger Cemetery. One of the groundskeepers recognized the ghost as a man who had lived in the area for years and recently passed away.

The following year, the old man's widow died and his ghost disappeared. To this day, locals believe that his lonely spirit was finally at rest after reuniting with the love of his life, in the afterlife.

The romantic revenant is one of many manifestations at the historic site where famed mountain man Jim Bridger established a trading post in 1842. Ghost sightings have been documented in several of the buildings at the Fort. The cemetery is also reportedly haunted by the ghost of a dog who stands watch over his owner's grave.

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GHOST STORY: Cheyenne's 5 Most Haunted Buildings

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