Happy 'Star Wars Day'. May the 'fourth' be with you as you call up the Jedi council to bless you on this important day.

Although the first reference to May 4th as 'Star Wars Day' dates back to 1979, the first organized celebration of the holiday occurred in 2011, when hundreds of fans met in Toronto, Canada, to share their collective love for the legendary movie franchise. In 2013, Disney got in on the fun, teaming up with Lucasfilm to observe the holiday with several events and ceremonies at their theme parks across the world.

Here in Wyoming, every day is Star Wars Day for English Professor Ryan J. Croft, who teaches two classes inspired by 'the force'. Titled 'Star Wars and Literature: a Holographic Chronicle' and 'Star Wars and Apocalypticism', the graduate level humanities courses focus on the connection between the Star Wars movies and Medieval literature dating back to the Renaissance along with the similarities between Star Wars imagery and the book of Revelations in the Bible.

According to Croft, they are among the most popular courses in the English Department. Cross was recently profiled by the fan site StarWarsintheclassroom.com, which seeks to "spark learning and the imagination by providing engaging and relevant experiences for students of all ages inspired by the captivating characters and stories from the Star Wars universe".

Croft quotes the classic Star Wars character Yoda  in the Wyoming Scholar's Repository, saying "always pass on what you have learned".

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