The video series all started when Mike received a new video camera for Christmas. He and his wife have a background in radio, so the ideas must have flowed naturally. Now they have a YouTube channel called Our Wyoming Life. It is off to a great start with over 1500 subscribers in less than a week.

The premise of the series is simple to show people what it is like to live as a rancher in Wyoming. I spoke with Mike from Our Wyoming Life, and he said:

We hope our channel helps people understand agriculture better through education and the chance to experience the life first hand. We have already talked to people across the world that have embraced the opportunity to learn that hamburger doesn't just come from the grocery store. A lot goes into feeding the world. Our main goal is to bring the consumer closer to the producer. Whether it's beef, pork or veggies.

The videos are simple, entertaining, and informative. They paint a picture of their life as ranchers in Wyoming, and they make it look easy. The feeding of over 150 cattle every day, growing vegetables for the local farmers market, upkeep on farm equipment are all just parts everyday ranch life.

Challenges always differ, but the great equalizer is the weather. This year I am fighting a lot of snow, drifting mostly. And the cold It's hard on animals, fences, and equipment.

In the video, Mike describes their farm animals as their extended family. Both in the videos and when talking with Mike, you could tell his heart was with the animals he tends to.

I spend more time with them than I do anyone outside of my family. They all have unique personalities, quirks, and behaviors. Calving is very rewarding. Being there for the bond between calf and mom. I like to think the cows know I'm there to help, in fact I've had cows come to me for help when they lose their calf. Usually they leave their calf sleeping somewhere while they go chase grass and forget where they left them.

If you want to connect with Our Wyoming Life, find them on Facebook or subscribe to their YouTube Channel.

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