It's gonna be a snowy winter in southeast Wyoming, according to AccuWeather's extended forecast.

The annual projection calls for above-average rain and snowfall totals through most of the Rocky Mountains, including the southern half of Wyoming. Northern Wyoming can expect cold arctic air with near-normal levels of precipitation. Parts of western Wyoming may benefit from milder temperatures and dryer conditions coming from the Pacific northwest. Around the country, experts predict a stormy winter in the northeast, wet weather through much of the southeast, and colder temperatures over much of the midwest.

Wyoming will get an early taste of winter weather this week when a cold front brings freezing temperatures and snow to the Cowboy State. The average date for Cheyenne's first snowstorm of the season is October 18th, according to the National Weather Service. The earliest measurable snow accumulation on record was September 11, 1974, while the latest snowfall was recorded on December 10, 1963.

The accuracy of this year's extended Accuweather forecast remains to be seen, but there's one thing we can be sure of. It's gonna be windy in Wyoming.

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