We share lots of videos and pics of tourists doing bad things in our state. This isn't that. A family turned their Wyoming vacation into an awesome "Life is a Highway" music video.

Amanda Trudell shared this video on Vimeo. Guessing this is her family? They had a great time in Wyoming and it's obvious thanks to this.

Looks like they partied in the Big Horns. Fishing, horseback riding and just about everything us locals like to do when we're in the mountains. They even did some lip-syncing of their own which earns them some extra credit.

One tiny little point of contention. They may not know this if they're not from here, but we're kinda partial to Chris LeDoux's version. No offense intended, Rascal Flatts.

That's an improvement. Try that version on your next vacation video in Wyoming. It's kinda sad that tourists actually behaving themselves, having a good time and not trying to pet our bison is news. We'd welcome families like this any time. Come back soon.

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