Currently, GameStop has seven locations in Wyoming. GameStop is looking to close 200 locations worldwide according to WXYZ ABC 7. However, no word on which locations.

GameStop is the world's largest video-game retailers with over 5,700 locations. This seems to be the first phase of closing stores as well, maybe more to come. The reason they are shutting so many down so quickly is that there just isn't a demand for video-game stores. You can purchase games online and have them sent to your house or download them straight to your device right from the internet. The days of people camping out waiting for the release of a new game are over.

There is no word on their plan-of-action after shutting down stores. Will they become an online streaming service for video-games? No one knows yet. We have Netflix, Hulu and sources for movies and tv, why not GameStop just transfer over to streaming and go that route.

Whatever happens, we wish nothing but the best for GameStop and their employees.

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