It's spooky season! I don't care if "technically" Halloween is over a month away. Christmas people keep moving Christmas stuff up before Thanksgiving so I'm putting up my Halloween and Harvest decorations on Labor Day weekend. That's a fair trade. It's also a great time to figure out your Halloween costumes so you're not dressed up like Johnny from Cobra Kai like every other dude at the party.

With that said, trick or treating is coming back to Downtown Cheyenne thanks to the DDA. This year, the DDA set Downtown's trick or treating for Saturday, October 30th, the day before Halloween starting at 1 pm. This is great because it's early and gives kiddos more time to trick or treat in other parts of the city that are doing trick or treating on Saturday. It will also give them potentially another day to trick or treat on the following Sunday, or, actually on Halloween. Either way, tons of candy will be had!

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This year, the DDA has set up another twist to trick or treating. According to their Facebook event for trick or treating, they're going to have a costume parade!

This year we are excited to announce the addition of a costume parade before the trick-or-treating fun begins, so start planning your costumes now!

So, not only are they going to get candy, they're going to get to put their costumes on display. This is also awesome for parents to get to see their kids parade around in their costumes, so it's a win-win for parents and kids.

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