Do you remember your favorite concert?

My memory of a Grateful Dead show 23 years ago was as foggy as the Golden Gate Bridge in this photo.

Luckily, my friend Hoang "Jack" Pham was there and remembers a few more of the details, so he's "phantom blogging" this from Barrow, Alaska.

"We rented a Toyota in southern California and headed up the coast to Mountain View in the Bay area."

"The show was at five p.m. at the Shoreline Amphitheater and on the way there, we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge five times, partly due to being lost and mostly just because it was fun. We spent the night sleeping in the car, in a motel parking lot."

"Grateful Dead, The Illustrated Trip," had this to say about the October 2, 1988 concert at Shoreline, "The tuning before the second set on the last night leads into "Space" and "Crazy Fingers," with the band taking off into "Space" again in it's usual slot."

Maybe that's why I "spaced out" some of the show, want to thank "Jack" for this Grateful Memory.