Did you ever listen to Jimmy Valdez on the All American Spanish Show?

Five-term Cheyenne City Councilman Jimmy Valdez died Wednesday, September 9, at the age of 72. Along with serving our community in office, he also entertained us on the radio.

Cheyenne City Councilman Jimmy Valdez was currently serving in his fifth term when he passed away last Wednesday, he was also still hosting his All American Spanish Show. Over the years, the show aired on several different radio stations on various days and times.

I worked with Jimmy at a couple of these stations and he knew how to throw a fiesta. When he would roll in to do his show, he'd normally have an entourage of guests and helpers. The music was always turned up loud and the conversations were lively. It was like working next door to your noisy neighbors. Often, there was also the aroma of tasty Mexican food.

Over the years, when Jimmy would leave town, he occasionally had Hott Rodd Todd and myself sit in for him. He'd leave several of his boxes of Hispanic and Tex-Mex music for us to play from and we'd struggle through the show on our limited Spanish. Jimmy's All American Spanish Show was unique because it wasn't all in Spanish or all English, but an original mix of both.

Valdez loved music, he even played guitar and was a member of the Cheyenne Guitar Society. He turned me on to new music he had discovered including Los Lonely Boys and Amy Winehouse. I'd never heard of them until Jimmy played some of their music for me.

Jimmy Valdez was a big influence on Cheyenne's music scene. While working with Tom Bauman, on his station KRAE, Jimmy and Tom arranged for many groups to come and perform in the Capitol City. Among the acts I remember hearing stories about were Freddie Fender and Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs.

Thank you Jimmy for all you've given me and the Cheyenne Community. I think it's nice that there is a billboard advertising the All American Spanish Show still standing near the A-1 Rental lot and Carpet One on East Pershing.

Mike Rorabeck, Townsquare Media