Anyone else attend McCormick Jr. High School when it was downtown?

Summer vacation is dwindling down and it won't be long before school starts. This week, my son, Jerry, got registered for seventh grade and it made me think back to my junior high days.

I went to seventh and eighth grade at the McCormick Jr. High in downtown Cheyenne, which is now the Emerson Building, used by the State. I was strolling down Capitol Avenue earlier this week, walking across from my Alma Mater and memories began pouring back.

The auditorium inside the Emerson Building was where I acted in my first play, (I was portraying the Good Fairy), we also made a movie, on video tape back then, in Mrs. Garcia's English class.

In one corner of this building was where we first read 'The Hobbit' in Mrs. Shaw's class and around back where the newly-paved parking lot is now, Wes Delf used to always kick the red balls onto the roof. Scoring a victory and making some kid have to run up the fire escape and onto the roof to retrieve the ball.

Mr. Pearson's Science class was in the basement on the 20th St. side where he taught us all about Cheyenne's weather and Mr. Valdez showed us how to draw faces and heads.

On the third floor, Mr. Trembly tried to teach us Algebra and we dissected frogs in Mrs. Goodier's class. (I can almost still smell it).

Looking back on it, junior high sure was a lot of fun. And these days I get to talk on the radio here on the third floor of the ANB Bank across the street and look out on the old McCormick Jr. High.

To all the returning students, get out there and enjoy this year, learn lots and make bunches of memories.